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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Human Rights Illustrations

Time for a complete change of style and subject for me as I've been immersed in illustrating some human rights poems that will be part of an exhibition opening on World Human Rights day (10/12/11) at the Centre for Life, Bioscience's Reception (preview 18:30-20:30 so get yourself down if you're local).

Here are fruits of my labour, all images are hand drawn with scanned crumpled pages from the Human Rights Act also featuring. The poems were written by a very talented local lady called Alison Carr.

The second image features a guy who was on the metro this morning and seemed to not move an inch for half an hour (fantastic for covert sketching). Though now I wish I'd told him and invited him to the preview as it seems a shame he doesn't know. I'll look out for him tomorrow but if you were on the Sunderland-Newcastle Airport train at 8:30-9ish this morning and it looks like you - it could be you!

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