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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

You win some you lose some

Hi, sorry I've been a bit tardy with my blogging, I thought adding in my last post that I'd be back on the Friday would ensure I was - clearly not!

But my time hasn't been wasting and I have some lovely new cards in my Etsy shop. Not that it was all plain sailing as not all my designs or colour combinations worked but its just a simple reminder of the obvious make sure the ink is a brighter and darker colour than the card (duh).

Heres my furry fairy who didn't quite come out as I'd have liked...

I don't think she looks very furry, a bit spikey maybe, so its back to the drawing board with her.

I found its better use bright colours as my earlier Pining for Yew seems quite heavy and not very Christmassy when you compare it with these...

The blue is a bit faint there as it was the last of the ink but I quite like the broken effect, it came out qute shabby chic (to me anyway).

And here are some that came out all lovely like :)

So if you wanna spread a bit of Peas on Earth of if you'll be Pining for someone this Christmas these could be the perfect cards for Yew (couldn't resist).

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  1. peas on earth. got to love a good pun. seriously awesome